Monday, 31 August 2009

Just one hour thing.

I woke up at 6, felt SOOO tired and slept for one hour more. Life seemed so much better after that. How one hour can make so big difference. That's all, today. More laundry and Tampere soon.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Tallinn. And the presumable lack of vitamins.

It's nice to think about my holiday week, it has been the most exhausting week ever. Not enough people at work, too much stress, just pure weariness. Upcoming savings next year mean just more work for people who have steady jobs and no work for people who work occasionally. And then there are wishes that library should be open also on Saturdays or one hour longer every day... I guess I'm just too young and I haven't understood how hard the work life is these days. Maybe I'm lacking some vitamins.

But my day in Tallinn was sunny, a bit windy, almost cloudless.

I was basically sleeping in the boat, waking up at 5.30 always takes its toll. Luckily I was not the only one, also Ivan was being a sleepyhead. He's my Canadian friend, my second time to meet him, last time I saved him from fainting and hitting his head. Sauna is too perilous place for some people!

Like last time I visited Tallinn, I really enjoyed the old town, beautiful buildings. I got the feeling I want to stay in one of those teeny hotels, where you can open the wooden shutters and watch out from the window early in the morning and see the tiniest alley and maybe birds. I also love inner courts, small shops and cafes, cobblestone roads, roasted almonds. The unevenness of houses, carefree atmosphere, something in the air that's impossible to find from angular Helsinki. Why we have to be so serious and grey.

I was eager to find the same shops from the centre which I visited last time. When it's impossible to find colourful clothes from Finland, it's a lot easier to discover them in Tallinn. There I'm not XS, I'm S. Also my tea collection got a lot bigger, dear old Pickwick's and Teekanne's and Yogi's. The same incense brand was waiting for me in the same shop as two years ago and now my home is full of jasmin and green tea ethereal feeling. We also decided to drink smoothies in a quite fancy cafe, mine had blueberries, mint leaves and lime juice in it!

After walking around for 8 hours the ferry finally started its way back to Helsinki. Oh, ferry didn't walk, we did. Before finally going to sleep, we managed to meet my aunt for food and pick up this handsome young German man Vladimir from the airport. But what happened next? I'll write about that later.

(don't look so angry Vladimir!)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Lost in the raspberry forest

I'm back and still my mind is wandering through the streets of Helsinki, Tallinn, Tampere...I should divide my photos and stories in couple of sections. In the evenings I'm too tired to write anything long and thoughtful.

My brother and his daughters visited me before my holiday. We ran in the beach before it started to rain, played some badminton and went to the forest to find blueberries and raspberries. My favourite photo is above, Moona lost in the raspberry forest.

I really like the girls and appreciate how my brother and his wife have brought them up. They're not afraid of small things, they just have the courage to do new things. That attitude is very important especially for girls in my opinion. My mother was telling a story how the girls were climbing on top of everything in a local park and how she was afraid they'd get hurt. But trying your own limits is important and just staying on the ground would be almost as fatal in the long run as well :)

In Helsinki I didn't have my feet on the ground, in fact I was levitating.

From Joensuu to Kuopio, from Kuopio to Syvänniemi, from Syvänniemi to Helsinki. In the car we played funny games with my cousin, like "try to get your initials from the licence plates of incoming cars" or "let's mention some celebrities and always use the last name's first letter to start a new first name". The only problem was that almost all the celebrities my cousin could name were skaters :D Hopefully he didn't fool us...a lot!

Part 2 later, now time for late evening knitting and recovering from the first aerobic of this season...I love difficult choreographies!

Friday, 14 August 2009


And it means travelling around Finland and meeting relatives and friends and stuff.

Hopefully the bus isn't as retro as this one, although the colours of the seats in this bus were pretty nice :D

I also bought new memory card for my camera. Instead of 16 mb and 50 photos I now have 4 Gb and I can take 17 932 photos :D The salesman in the shop laughed when he saw my tiny 16 mb...

Enjoy August :)

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Photos from Kuopio, starring Hyeyeon, Soyoung, me, Juha, my mom and Seppo. Tired berry pickers, extreme boating and a pancake called "Iceland". Now I have Korea fever and I'm planning on a trip there...Finnair flies to Incheon straight from Helsinki!

Bye bye, come back soon!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Fate or faith

Just some photos out of focus. After total cleanover of my flat I've earned lots of tea and time for knitting. New Novita Puro yarn just sends me telepathic signals from my yarn box, "come here, come here, come here"...One hat is almost finished, another one is being planned :)

Have a beautiful week, I know I will!