Sunday, 21 March 2010

Korean style decorations

Big white stone walls and nothing to put there, that was the problem of this apartment for a long time. But once again Gmarket came to rescue and it doesn't look so white anymore :)

In Finland decorative wall stickers are extremely expensive (20 euros or more for big ones) and the selection is quite bad. Luckily in Korea the variety is much better and prices are very low compared to Finnish costs. For example the costs of my stickers were about 3 euros each! Of course some of the Korean stickers are quite funny with lots of writing mistakes (Bon Boyage?!?) and treacly love messages...But because there's hundreds of different stickers to choose from, it's easy to find something nice, too.

In fact I ordered the key stickers (above) accidentally, I wanted to have something green and leafy, but when the package arrived I noticed that I had put the wrong code into the shopping list...Fortunately I didn't get anything too romantic and pink and I was quite satisfied with the key stickers too (except there were also kind of note papers in addition to the key stickers and it says "am 2:00 beauty shop, pm 10:00 grace" in one of them...Grace? Beauty shop at 2 am? WTF?)

These telephone poles were something I ordered intentionally and now they're covering one wall in the living room.

I also joined Heiaheia. What's that? If you like exercising and want to follow your progress, you can join heiaheia and list all your activities there. It's kind of Facebook, but it doesn't have the same features yet, probably in the future though. I've never followed my training or the changes of my weight, maybe this gives me enough boost to start observing them :)

I'm waiting for Batmud's 20th birthday, which is held in Kaivohuone on 17th of April. To celebrate that I reinced out of a sudden and I'm playing a nuntarma librarian gnome at the moment :D My previous reinc was a nuntemplar ent and I made it to avoid any parties, but now I wouldn't mind having some...

Music of the moment: Marcus Schossow pres. 1985 - London especially from 2:30 :)

Monday, 15 March 2010

Puijo on my mind.

Explosions! Once again we had amazing time in Puijo ski jumping competition :) This time our team consisted of me, Barun, Juha, Nea and Moona. It was the first time for the girls to experience the competition and I'm sure they'll join me again next year. Warm sausage (the only time of the year when I want to eat any meat!) with mustard and ketchup, people applauding and jumpers jumping, long liquorice strings, fireworks, snow, lights, flags...I remember the first time I saw the fireworks and ski jumping, I was in kindergarden and standing in the snow and how the biggest of the fireworks seemed to make a huge cage on top of me by spreading lights all over the sky :)

Next day we climbed up the stairs to Puijo (so beautiful view!) and finally up to the tower. Last time I was in the tower maybe 5 years ago? It was so funny to watch people ski on the tracks where I used to ski 20 years ago (!) and I could also spot Julkula, the city district where I used to live for 10 years.

I'm trying to save the battery of my camera (I loaded it at my mom's place) so I can take photos of Barun for the library photo manual. That's why I didn't take my camera with me to Latolankatu on Saturday = lots of good food and company, stories about first time skiing + evolving languages, Shanghai (of course!) and snow fighting.

The song of this week: Kpop. (After my visit to Korea I started to have special feelings towards kpop. Can't explain why, this music is not very original...)

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