Friday, 23 April 2010

Forget about the time just close your eyes

This is where I work. Yesterday I could use the camera of the library and of course I had to use my chance and take some extra photos as well ;) I love how the light comes through the windows and roof, white surfaces and shadows. And this week I found out that I can continue working after my project finishes in September. I'm happy! Something always comes if you just let it flow.

I forgot to write about the visit to the Korean restaurant in Helsinki. It was the first time for me to go there and I'm definitely going to go there again. Kimchi was as spicy as I remembered, my japchae was excellent (mmm, sweet potato noodles and lots of sesame oil!) and the atmosphere was authentic, because just before we got in, a bus full of koreans arrived and came to eat, too :)

In the end I wanted to show off my Korean skills and of course it turned into an epic fail. I said
"잡채가 제일 맛있어요" (Japchae is the most delicious food) and the amazed waiter started to ask questions from me IN KOREAN. Of course I didn't understand and he tried to pronounce the questions as slowly as possible couple of times and I just looked at him and felt so stupid! In the end he said in Finnish that "I just wanted to know how long you've been living in Korea" and I said "2 weeks" :D Before my next visit to Korea House I'm going to practice a bit more...........

Another funny incident happened after the Batmud gala. One person mixed my character's name with my bf's character and after he saw me in the gala, he has been harassing my bf telling him "how cute you are, just my type of a girl" etc. I wonder when we should let him know that he has been whispering sweet words of love to my bf instead of me...But I don't mind, that guy was kind of creepy!

Wet snow coming from the sky, but I'll go to the quiz anyway.

(My favourite song atm, by Samantha James. Chilled and slow.)

Sunday, 18 April 2010

No stories without a camera

There's nothing to say without nice photos.

Plain text is boring.


*I've been teaching young and old people how to write their names in Korean, Japanese and Russian. I got lots of help from my friends, my Persian and Chinese skills are not so well developed yet...

*I was in Helsinki and attended Batmud gala. Photos can be found from here, I represent myself in a couple of them. In the party I met another LIBRARIAN MUDDER! I was so surprised! I also got to know many people RL, who I've only known in the game before. I really liked all of them :)

*My love goes out to Ivan and Jon, they brought me amazing teas and maple syrup stuff from Canada.

*Now I feel like I'm getting sick. Maybe it has something to do with yesterday taxi line, I was standing in the rain for over 1 hour after 3 am. I'll try to fight!